Karnali River Rafting

  • Karnali River Rafting
  • Karnali is also known as the longest and biggest river of Nepal located in western Nepal, emerges at Mt. Kailash, an holy mountain, and flows through the scenic flora and fauna. Karnali rafting offers short trek with the prettiest canyons and jungle scenery in Nepal.

    In high water, the Karnali is a serious commitment, combining huge, though fairly straightforward, rapids with a seriously remote location. At low water, Karnali is fantastic trip. The rapid become smaller when the river drops, but the gradient and constricted channel keeps it interesting. The trip starts with the long drive to the far west of Nepal.

    During Rafting, we won't see a single sign of the modern world but natural beauty and cultures. It's one of the last places in Nepal that you can see old growth forest and have a real chance of seeing Nepal's wildlife like Monkeys, Langur, Rhesus, leopards, bear, martins, deer, crocodiles and garials; even tigers. The river also supports some of the finest fish habitat in Nepal, with giant catfish and Golden Masher prowling the depths. Midway through the trip we select a choice piece of beach and for two nights we stay at the same camp and people have an opportunity to explore this beautiful country, wallow in a mud bank, play in the region's plentiful waterfalls, or just hang out and learn something about their fellow rafters.

    Karnali River Rafting means life time experience and exploration of natural beauty with adventure add on it.
  • Detail Itinerary

    • Day 01

      Night bus to Birendanagar (Surkhet).

    • Day 02

      Minibus to Kalyani (Rough Road) about 4 hours and trek to Karaleghat about 2 hours and camp.

    • Day 03

      Rafting 4 to 6 hours white water section camp by river beach.

    • Day 04

      Raft about 5 hours of class 4/5 grade rapids through Junglaghat and camp.

    • Day 05

      Full of continuos whitewater rafting and camp.

    • Day 06

      Canyon Exploration fully, whitewater rafting and camp.

    • Day 07

      Flowdown the jungle area and camp by jungle.

    • Day 08

      Wildlife views while rafting and finish at Chisapani. Drive back to Kathmandu after lunch or travel Royal Bardia National Park.

    • Day 09

      Arrive Kathmandu.

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